How To Get The Body of a Kardashian.

weight loss workoutEveryone knows the glamour and glitz associated with the Kardashian girls particularly after the recent, albeit, short lived marriage of MTV star – Kim. We’re going to look behind the celebrity curtain and find out how you can get the body of a Kardashian. We’ve gleamed this info from TV shows and magazine articles along with making some assumptions so we can’t claim the information is straight from the girls themselves. The girls are all of a similar age and report the same problems with their body image.

When a woman reaches her late twenties and early thirties, as the sisters have, she may have had children and also have additional family responsibilities that spare her little time to take care of her figure. This situation facilitates gaining weight which suggests that weight loss for women is hugely important at this age.

Also, due to natural hormonal changes at this age she also becomes vulnerable to additional weight gain. As a woman gets older and reaches her thirties, her body metabolism slows down resulting in less calories being burnt and this leads to the gaining of more weight as all three girls regularly complain of. Though the situation starts with weight gain it can progress to various health-related issues such as heart disease and cancer.

Therefore, it is highly essential that you take appropriate measures so that you maintain a perfect body weight at this age and also prevent yourself from undesirable health risks. Healthy eating habits and regular physical activities including structured exercise are vital to attain and maintain a healthy weight. One popular technique to lose weight is to try and burn more calories than you consume, however, this is a far too simplistic approach to weight loss. A more important strategy is to look where the calories actually come from. According to the Kardashian’s nutritionist the girls stay slim on lean meats and fish with plenty of green vegetables and salad.


The importance of physical exercise in reducing weight cannot be overemphasized. This is one of the best ways to reduce weight. If you are a woman in this age group, you need to do physical exercise to increase the total amount of calories burnt and also to improve your rate of metabolism.

Like Kim and Courtney you need to do plenty of cardiovascular exercise, such as running, swimming, jumping rope and biking etc. for at least 30-60 minutes every day. Chloe prefers regular weight training in her routine and we suggest you do to. Regular exercise will increase your muscle mass and also raise your resting metabolism. You can also improve your naturally slowing metabolism by incorporating short walks at different times in the day. The girls walk for 10 to 15 minutes per day 3 times a week.


Consuming nutritious food has got the greatest impact on your weight loss programme. It is necessary that you consume organic lean meats and lots of green stuff. This will not only add less calories to your body, it will also make your workouts highly effective by giving you the protein to increase your metabolism in order to lose weight.

Planning Meals

At this stage in life, with all your other responsibilities, you need to plan your meals and snacks for the week ahead. You may not have a private chef like a Kardashian but you must eat healthy foods not junk foods like pizza, chocolate and Krug champagne etc. and instead of taking three large meals you must take five to six small meals to keep your metabolism elevated. Fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy carbohydrates must be consumed in a balanced manner regularly. You should also curb your emotional craving for food by finding ways to alleviate the cravings through other means.

As far as we can tell, the Kardashian sisters keep their figures with a combination of regular exercise and sensible nutrition.

The above weight loss tips for women will certainly help you to achieve the desired weight loss along with many other health benefits for a gorgeous, lighter and leaner body.

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