Balham personal training

Balham personal training

Manipulating hormones during exercise with a personal trainer or

outdoor personal training group is one the key elements to successful fat loss.

Research has shown that doing resistance training, particularly when performed in

a circuit as demonstrated in the workout video clip, increases certain hormones

such as testosterone, cortisol and growth hormone. The goal with this type of 

weight training circuit is to produce as much lactate as possible in the working

muscles. When lactate builds up in your muscles you get that burning sensation as

they quiver under the strain of hard exercise.


Lactate production is directly correlated to growth hormone production – so

training hard to produce as much lactate as possible is a great way to burn fat.

Here’s how it works. Lactate is an acid and as the lactate builds up in your muscles

and blood your blood pH goes down (you become more acidic). This causes your

growth hormone production to go up. In the liver growth hormone is converted

to a substance called insulin growth like factor 1 (IGF1) and this causes more fat to

be burnt during exercise thus making you lose more body fat.


Balham personal training 








Blood lactate concentration is correlated to the amount and size of the muscles

used during an exercise. Therefore using exercises that target a large group of

muscles such as a squat is much more effective for building up lactate than using

an exercise that only uses a small amount of muscle mass such as wrist curls. When

 you perform a circuit of exercises for one set of muscles such as the quads you get

a huge lactate build up. The exercises shown in the video clip are:


A1. Kettle bell thrusters x 20

A2. Lunge to single arm Kettle bell press x 20

A3. Kettle bell standing good morning x 20

A4. Kettle bell deadlift to upright row x 20


This circuit is similar to the type of exercise performed by PeakXVfitness on their

Wandsworth Common women’s outdoor fitness bootcamps

targets the legs and should only take 1-2 minutes to complete but you

are certainly going to feel it. After you have finished the A4 exercise rest for 2-3

minutes and repeat the circuit again and rest for a further 2-3 minutes. Try to do

as many circuits of this as you can in 20 minutes for a great lower body lactate

workout. You should feel nauseous within 10 minutes of doing fat loss circuits like

this as the lactate builds up, if not you are not training hard enough.


If you really want to get supper results pick different exercises for different body

parts and train twice a day 6 days a week for 2 weeks, then back off for a week only

training once a day. Here is an example:


Day 1 Quads circuit a.m. posterior chain circuit p.m.

Day 2 Chest and triceps circuit a.m. back and biceps circuit p.m.

Day 3 Repeat day 1

Day 4 Repeat day 2

Day 5 Repeat day 1

Day 6 Repeat day 2

Day 7 off


Remember the more weight you use for a given exercise means the more calories

are burned. Therefore remember to use large compound exercises such as squats,

lunges, dead lifts, presses and rows through the circuits.


This type of workout is also great if you are stuck in a hotel on business or on

holiday or even out in a park where you have no or minimal exercise equipment as

all you need is one kettle bell, just pick 4 exercises and perform 20 reps of each

exercise in a circuit to create that lactate build up.




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