Reasons to take fish oil

There are many foods that are claimed to prevent disease and keep us healthy. One particular food that has received a lot of attention as being healthful is oily fish. Along with the good sources of protein, B vitamins and certain minerals that fish provides, it is the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA in the fish that are so important for our health. However, very few of use eat enough oily fish to get adequate amount of omega 3 fatty acids. We have become so deficient in these omega 3 fats that adding them to the diet has almost become a panacea for all health conditions. A literature search of medical journals demonstrates that fish oil may play a role in the management of all known diseases. Simple go to the website pubmed (type pubmed into and type fish oil + “a disease” and see how many published medical papers you can find that prove omega 3 fats in fish oils truly are healthy.

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