Breast cancer risk now 1 in 8

In his latest newsletter Patrick Holford highlights research that breast cancer risk for women in the UK has increased; affecting one in every eight women today, up from one in nine a decade ago.

The biggest rise is in the 50 to 69 year-old age group, where instances of the disease have increased by 6% -– but it’s also becoming more prevalent in younger women.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in Britain for women and is linked to exposure to too much oestrogen. However it is not just oestrogen that the body produces but foreign oestrogen from the environment – also known as xenoestrogens. In my new book i have a section on where these powerful cancer inducing agents are found and what to do to avoid them.

The biggest thing you can do to avoid these chemicals is to eat organic food. These oestrogenic chemicals are sprayed on crops often times in combination. To find out more purchase my book from here:

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Oestrogen site modulators

Finally I’m going to talk about which supplements could and should be used to “supplement” a healthy way of eating and the avoidance all the oestrogenic toxins in order to prevent oestrogenic disease.

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