7 steps to the body you want this New Year part 7

Step 7: Eat fat burning foods

When you reach your ideal weight and body fat, through working with your nutritiosinst for weight loss, you enter the maintenance phase you should be eating the following fat burning foods

1. Hot peppers contain nutrients that help increase metabolism
2. Tea of any colour, especially green tea has been shown to increase fat loss
3. Tahini – sesame seed lignans enhance fat burning by increasing liver enzymes that breakdown fats
4. Fish and fish oils stimulate fat burning genes and increase metabolism
5. Cranwater (1 part no added sugar cranberry juice with 8 parts water) stimulates the liver to burn fat
6. Eggs are rich in choline a nutrient essential for bile production that helps emulsify and burn fats
7. A strong cup of coffee favours free fatty acids metabolism and spares glycogen
8. Carnitine helps transport fatty acids into the cells’ mitochondria for energy burning. Carnitine is found in meat and fish.
9. Eating half a grapefruit a day has been shown to help people lose fat and improve insulin sensitivity.
10. Fibrous vegetables

If your weight loss plateaus check the following:

  • Excess calories – check your food diary
  • Carbs to high / too low – check food diary
  • Not enough fibre – check food diary
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Medications – have you started any new meds that can affect weight loss?
  • Too little exercise
  • Food intolerance – you may need to do a test
  • Alcohol consumption – is it too high?
  • Stress – how is work? How is your relationship?
  • Are you relaxing enough?
  • Excess calories from cheese and nuts
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