7 steps to the body you want this New Year part 6

Step 6: Maintenance phase

Pay attention to your weight and body fat throughout the add back phase until your weight and body fat loss stops. At this point you have reached your maintenance diet. If your weight goes back up 2kg go back to boot camp weight loss diet phase and go back through the add back phase again until your weight loss plateaus. This will be your maintenance diet. Other examples of Paleo carbs to add back in to the nutrition plan every 14 days include baby corn, beans (haricot, mung, aduki, black eye etc…), banana, beetroot, cooked carrots, lentils, oats for breakfast, olives, Swede, turnips and other ground tubers.

Avoid neo carbs at all cost. Ask “was this around 10,000 years ago?” If not, it’s a neo carb. For instance read labels and avoid sugar in all its forms – dextrose, maltose, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, corn syrup – anything ending in ‘ose is sugar. Processed good and foods made from refined grains are also neo carbs – pasta, biscuits, pastry, pies, cakes and most bakery goods. Also look out for artificial sweeteners (aspartame) colours (tartrazine), hydrogenated fats and preservatives. If you avoid processed foods you needn’t worry about these.

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