Who can guess why we chose our name?

Many people have asked where we got the name for our site from. Depending on how well you know us you may be able to guess our link with both the name and the graphics on our site. We’re inviting anyone that reads this to let us know the story behind our name and also why it has a particular resonance with Steve and I. Please use the Add Comments feature at the bottom of this posting to send in your answer. All will be revealed in a couple of weeks, so watch this space.

Consistency brings results!

I have recently had the good fortune of being asked to be the resident fitness expert on a great website at www.wearethecity.com which is mainly aimed at female City workers, many of whom are my clients. I invite you to check it out and read some of the articles they have archived including one on nutrition and another titled “Awesome Abs”.

Today I wanted to speak a little about how I regularly get my clients great results. The two things I tell them they need to have in both their workouts and their food selection are INTENSITY and CONSISTENCY. By this I mean they have to work hard and be totally focused on their session. This means not chatting for 15 minutes at the drinks fountain or reading The Times between sets! I swear I’ve seen this happen!!! It also means you have to be consistent with your diet and your workouts. It means sticking to your diet plan a minimum of 80% of the time and getting to the gym 3-4 times a week.

Even a badly designed exercise programme and reasonably slack eating will bring results if you train with intensity ie you sweat! and if you do it regularly. Ofcourse a top drawer exercise programme combined with sound nutritional principles will bring better results even faster!!

Please send us any comments on this blog post and also your answers to our name question.

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Top three supplements you should all be taking

See Steve discuss the top three supplements you should be taking on our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/peakxvfitness#p/a/u/1/rbbo3Kt7d7o

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What should I eat?

How to cut through all the modern day science with a little help from the past. 

Pick up any newspaper or health magazine and you’ll find any number of conflicting articles about what is healthy nutrition and what is not. One minute alcohol is bad for your liver and should be avoided, the next minute it extends life. It’s the same with supplements – one day they are just expensive urine that do nothing, the next day they reduce the risk of heart disease. So why is there so much conflicting information and how do you cut through all this to make the best choices? 

With most research there is always an ulterior motive built in, pharmaceutical research will tell you that drugs help treat diseases – such as statins lowering LDL cholesterol and preventing heart disease. Of course they will, they are not going to pay for or publish a study that says their drugs don’t work. More alarmingly, these companies have been known to press ahead with pushing drugs on the market that are not properly tested or are in fact harmful – think of some of the drugs that have been taken off the market because they cause deaths – such as the anti-inflammatory Vioxx. 

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Rapid fat loss – a case study part 2

The nutritional cleanse is based around liquid meals – that provide proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Added in to this are a multi vitamin and mineral or supplement that supports biotransformation in the liver, essential fats such as omega 3, essential amino acids, and fibre. In the UK we are very polluted with xenoestrogens from plastics, pesticides, industrial chemicals and personal care products so I would then orientate the cleanse to detoxify oestrogen such as using DIM, calcium d glucurate and sulphurophane. Finally supporting sleep is extremely important, as this is when a lot of the detoxification occurs. Using amino acids, herbs and magnesium to aid sleep works well.

Here is a 7 day oestrogen orientated cleanse that one of my clients did. The morning of the cleanse she was 67.8kg at 17.8% body fat and had a 32 inch waist.

On waking
Hot water with lemon
15 grams of Primal Fibre 1 in a full glass of water

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This weeks update

Pump that Iron


I’d like to thank everyone for all their positive comments in the last few weeks about all the stuff we’ve been doing. Rest assured it means a lot to us and we’ll be continuing to publish some really informative and entertaining stuff in the near future.

I wanted to blog about a couple of topics today that I get a lot of questions about from my clients. The first is supplements, particularly what supplements I take. If you’ve worked with Steve or I you’ll know we are big advocates of QUALITY supplements which actually work (not the rubbish you pick up in the High Street for £1.99!!). I currently take a multivit called Multi Intense, a Fish Oil and a magnesium product called Ubermag Plus which also contains Tryptophan that is fantastic in aiding sleep. I take a vitamin D product called D3 Excellence to bring my Vitamin D levels up. As my clients will know both my gyms are underground and I travel frequently on the Tube so I live much of my life like a mole!! So I really enjoy the benefits of getting good levels of Vitamin D. A new product I’ve just started taking is Carnitine which as well as being a good fat burner also helps boost energy levels and with my current busy schedule I’ve really found it helps me blast through the day. All these products are available from the Poliquin site (click on the banner down below to see their full range for yourselves). 

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