Toxicity testing part 4

Mitochondria tests

Mitochondria are the energy producing furnaces of the body’s cells. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins can be metabolised to produce the body’s energy molecule called ATP. ATP (ADP+P) is shuttled across the mitochondrial membrane by translocator (TL) proteins in to the cytosol where is produces energy, ADP is then taken back in to the mitochondria to reform ATP. If the TL proteins are blocked by toxins it can affect energy production. It has been seen that up 40% of TL’s can be blocked in chronic fatigue. The mitochondrial translocator protein / mitochondrial membrane studies by Acumen can identify any toxins that are adducted to the mitochondrial DNA (different to genomic DNA found in the nucleus) or that are blocking translocator protein affecting energy production.

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