The growing tide of oestrogen related problems part 3

In order to do what Bob Rakowski recommends in terms of detoxifying oestrogens every day we need to make sure we are eating the right foods. As I stated yesterday avoid foods that are sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are oestrogenic and eat a clean, organic diet. This diet should be what some people refer to as a Palaeolithic diet. Before you chose something to eat, simply ask yourself “was this food available to humans 10,000 years ago?” If the answer is “yes” – eat it, if the answer is “no” – don’t eat it. So, were carrots, broccoli and chicken available to humans 10,000 years ago? Yes, so eat. Were bagels, cream cheese and Doritos available to humans 10,000 years ago? No – don’t eat it. For the most part, it’s that simple!

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