Exercise Classes in Reading

Our new boot camp in Reading is one of a series of exercise classes in Reading that we hold in Christchurch Meadows in Caversham. We currently have a group of around 25 people who attend up to four of our exercise classes each week. The sessions run on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm and we also have two classes at the weekend. The Saturday morning session starts at 9am and the Sunday morning session begins at 10am. New participants are always welcome, simply turn up and join in on the day.

Our sessions always start with a 10 minute dynamic flexibility section where we get the group to do some gentle running and general stretches whilst on the move. This helps the members get properly warmed up and helps prevent injury during the workouts.

This is then usually followed by a circuit or resistance training section. People enjoy this part the most as we let them use the “fitness toys” which include kettle bells, skipping ropes, boxing pads and medicine balls. Along with body weight exercises such as squats and push ups, we use the toys to sculpt and tone people’s muscles.

We always finish the session with a running section. This can involve long distance running drills, which can be good for fitness but very rarely for fat loss. To encourage fat loss we use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) drills. These usually include a series of sprint drills between cones which produce lactic acid in the blood. This lactic acid is very good for fat burning and is one of the principles we base our exercise sessions on.

By this stage the participants are normally exhausted and we always finish with a good cool down and stretch for the last 10 minutes. After a light jog we complete the session with a series of whole body stretches that help to restore normal muscle length and begin to reduce the levels of muscle soreness which are inevitable.

Along with the regular exercise classes in Reading all our members get a nutritional guide written by our in house certified nutritional therapist. This diet protocol is based on low Glycemic or low GI principles where people are encouraged to eat more protein and healthy fats whilst limiting refined carbohydrates. There are no calorie restrictions or portion controls as the results come from the low GI eating where insulin (fat storage hormone) levels are reduced, therefore reducing body fat storage. We also recommend sensible supplement products for our clients to help improve their results.

We keep people motivated and accountable on each of our courses by assessing their body composition at the start and end of the course. To achieve this we use an Omron machine which measures both body fat levels and BMI.

For this month we are making a very special offer for new members – instead of one week free as our guests you can get double that. If you’d like two free weeks of boot camps go to our website at www.peakxvfitness.com/bootcamps-reading or call me today on 07879 646969. Don’t miss this chance to join the best exercise classes in Reading.


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