Fitness Training Wandsworth Common

Do you want to discover the best group fitness training Wandsworth Common? Well here is the secret… In a small part of Wandsworth Common on the corner of Bolingbroke Grove and Nightingale Lane Peak XV Fitness have been changing the lives of their clients over the last 2 years.

The leading company for fitness training Wandsworth Common.

Peak XV Fitness run a boutique outdoor Fitness Training Wandsworth Common groups on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-8pm and Sunday morning from 10-11am. Peak XV Fitness have an exclusive group of clients who subscribe monthly to the outdoor fitness group – many of whom have had such amazing results and such a good time they have remained with the group for nearly 2 years.

Peak XV Fitness specialise in body, health and life transformation. The results that clients get are truly amazing, whether it’s weight loss, training for an event such as The 3 Peaks or a 10K run, or getting in shape for a wedding Peak XV Fitness don’t disappoint.

What do Peak XV Fitness do that is so amazing and guarantees the clients such good results? Nothing more than consistently applying good scientific fitness routines and demanding a high level of engagement from the clients. This engagement is expected in the hour of boot camp as clients are put you through hard but fun fitness routines designed to burn fat, build muscle and improve fitness.

Engagement is also expected outside of boot camp with homework workouts and a nutrition guide that should be followed for maximum results. If this sounds like something you can do then you too can expect incredible results from PeakXVfitness Fitness Training Wandsworth Common. The Common is also a beautiful workout setting and is also easily accessible from all over SW London.

There are no pills or potions, no fad diets or exercise techniques that claim more than they deliver, and no military type instructors screaming at you; there is just good science in the preparation and execution of the workouts and hard work from the clients in boot camp and self control in the kitchen.

So what does a workout and nutrition guide look like?

After arriving at boot camp you will spend 15 minutes warming up. This is extremely important to prepare the body for exercise and to prevent injury. Peak XV Fitness use techniques that activate your muscle and the movement patterns used during the forthcoming workout.

The workout itself consists of circuits using resistance equipment and cardiovascular drills. The fitness coaches put the clients through their paces using whole body movements designed to increase core strength and burn fat using equipment such as medicine balls, kettle bells and resistance bands. The fitness coaches also use a variety of boxing drills, skipping, running and other energy system drills to get you sweating and out of breath.

At the end of the session there is a 10 minute cool down and stretch that is aimed at maintaining flexibility and reducing muscle soreness after exercise.

One of the secrets Peak XV Fitness use in their approach is exercise consistency. Peak XV Fitness know from scientific research that if clients train 4 times a week for 1 hour they will get results that far exceed training 2 or 3 times a week This sounds obvious, but the magnitude of improvement in results is astonishing. Peak XV Fitness promote homework workouts and post these workouts to their YouTube channel for clients to do at home.

Perhaps the most important aspect of weight loss and fitness and perhaps the most often overlooked is nutrition. Nutrition is so important for recovery from exercise, for good sleep and energy levels and for maximum weight loss results that Peak XV Fitness have an in-house nutritional therapist who has designed a nutrition manual for clients. This manual gives an outline of how clients should eat, with meal plans and menus. The basic premise is to eat quality protein at each meal and snack in the form of meat, fish, seafood, poultry, eggs, nuts and seeds with plenty of vegetables and salad. It is important to reduce the amount of starch and sugar you eat. This means less pasta, potato, bread, rice and sweets. We do not need much of these foods unless we are highly active like some professional athletes. If we eat too much of these foods the body turns them into fat and it gets stored on the hips and tummy making us look fat.

If you want no BS training and good quality nutrition advice; if you want to get fit; if you want amazing body transformation results register at and come along for your free trial week as a guest of fitness training Wandsworth Common.


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Outdoor Fitness in Reading

If you’re looking for the best outdoor fitness in Reading then we have the solution for you. Our boot camp classes in Caversham run four times a week and are the best answer to your fitness and weight loss problems. We offer all new people who are interested in outdoor fitness in Reading to join us for a week of free sessions to check out our boot camp and see if it’s right for them.

We’re not just any old boot camp class – we offer individual assessments, dietary plans along with home based workout tasks that need to be completed each week. Our in house nutritional therapist sets specific weight loss eating plans and is on hand to answer any of our member’s questions about food and supplements.

Unlike other boot camps our outdoor fitness in Reading is solely based in the open air. Most of our clients spend their whole lives indoors and enjoy the opportunity to get out into the fresh air and exercise with other like minded people. The sessions have been running for two years in the beautiful setting of Christchurch Meadows in Caversham, right on the River Thames.

Most of our members have joined our boot camp to lose weight and get fit and we help them do this in our sessions by using circuit training exercises, sprinting drills, resistance training exercises and aerobic exercise like boxing and running. Our sessions are an hour long and are very challenging, burning around 500 calories in the process.

Here is what a couple of our recent members said about their experience with our outdoor fitness in Reading:

“Compared to all of the other forms of exercise I’ve done over the years nothing has been as effective for improving my fitness levels as Peak XV’s Bootcamp! I’ve just returned from my usually slow Friday morning run and I was flying! I really enjoy the sessions and have experienced more confidence and an improved body shape – I can see a leanness emerging that I haven’t had since pre menopause. I would highly recommend this Bootcamp to any older people who want to improve their fitness levels and flexibility and guard against the passage of time.”
Penny Baldwin, Caversham, Reading

“After only four weeks back at boot camp I really feel like I’m on a roll now – I can now fit back into my favourite old pair of skinny jeans that I haven’t worn for about 4 years as I haven’t been able to do them up! I’ve hardly taken them off since I discovered they now fit again! I’m really pleased with how it’s all working out.”
Sarah Ainger, Caversham, Reading

These results are pretty common and we have a dozen or so more examples from our clients. If you’d like to experience some of these benefits yourself then come on down for a free of outdoor fitness in Reading as our guest. Visit our website at or call me directly on 07879 646969 today to book your guest week. Don’t miss out on this opportunity as places are strictly limited. Call us today to experience the best outdoor fitness in Reading.

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Exercise Classes in Reading

Our new boot camp in Reading is one of a series of exercise classes in Reading that we hold in Christchurch Meadows in Caversham. We currently have a group of around 25 people who attend up to four of our exercise classes each week. The sessions run on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm and we also have two classes at the weekend. The Saturday morning session starts at 9am and the Sunday morning session begins at 10am. New participants are always welcome, simply turn up and join in on the day.

Our sessions always start with a 10 minute dynamic flexibility section where we get the group to do some gentle running and general stretches whilst on the move. This helps the members get properly warmed up and helps prevent injury during the workouts.

This is then usually followed by a circuit or resistance training section. People enjoy this part the most as we let them use the “fitness toys” which include kettle bells, skipping ropes, boxing pads and medicine balls. Along with body weight exercises such as squats and push ups, we use the toys to sculpt and tone people’s muscles.

We always finish the session with a running section. This can involve long distance running drills, which can be good for fitness but very rarely for fat loss. To encourage fat loss we use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) drills. These usually include a series of sprint drills between cones which produce lactic acid in the blood. This lactic acid is very good for fat burning and is one of the principles we base our exercise sessions on.

By this stage the participants are normally exhausted and we always finish with a good cool down and stretch for the last 10 minutes. After a light jog we complete the session with a series of whole body stretches that help to restore normal muscle length and begin to reduce the levels of muscle soreness which are inevitable.

Along with the regular exercise classes in Reading all our members get a nutritional guide written by our in house certified nutritional therapist. This diet protocol is based on low Glycemic or low GI principles where people are encouraged to eat more protein and healthy fats whilst limiting refined carbohydrates. There are no calorie restrictions or portion controls as the results come from the low GI eating where insulin (fat storage hormone) levels are reduced, therefore reducing body fat storage. We also recommend sensible supplement products for our clients to help improve their results.

We keep people motivated and accountable on each of our courses by assessing their body composition at the start and end of the course. To achieve this we use an Omron machine which measures both body fat levels and BMI.

For this month we are making a very special offer for new members – instead of one week free as our guests you can get double that. If you’d like two free weeks of boot camps go to our website at or call me today on 07879 646969. Don’t miss this chance to join the best exercise classes in Reading.


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