Lose a stone in 2 weeks

Lose a stone in 2 weeks

I believe that losing weight is down to 2 simple elements.

  1. Eating well
  2. Moving more


Bob Rakowski sums up obesity as being due to stress, toxins, malnutrition and physical laziness. I agree with this to an extent. But if you are stress and toxic (this is probably 99% of the worlds population to some degree) you can still lose weight with eating well (malnutrition) and moving more (physical laziness).

There really is no magic cure, no diet pill or potion, no crazy diet plan or no faddy exercise routine that will overcome poor self discipline. Self discipline to eat well and move more. And it really doesn’t matter what type of healthy eating plan or exercise routine you do if you have a lot of weight to shift. However if you are trying to lose those few extra pounds then try my low carb high protein diet for 2 weeks.

Low carb “boot camp” diet

This diet has helped people shift up to a stone in 2 weeks!

There is also loads more information on healthy eating in my book on sale for the month of August at £6.99.

The little book of nutrition tips sale

 The little book of nutrition tips

Combine that with resistance training circuits that I posted last time and you are on to a winner. You see doing resistance training builds more muscle tissue, which raises your resting metabolic rate, it makes you more insulin sensitive and also research is showing that the amount of muscle mass you have in later life is a predictor of longevity and health (the more muscle mass you retain the longer and healthier you will live).

Here is the video again.

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