High protein low GL diets best for weight loss

I’ve said this time and again – higher protein diets combined with low GL load foods are the best long term strategy for weight management.

Paleo diet more satisfying than a Mediterranean Diet

High protein low carb diet rules

When people hear “high protein diet” they start to think “I must eat 5 chickens and 10 tins of tuna a day” like a body builder, however this is not the case. A systematic review and meta analysis conducted by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2009, 90: 1674-1692) looked at high protein diets and bone health. The protein intake of these studies ranged from 0.9-1.7g/kg BW, but the majority of studies used 1.2g/kg BW. This is not an excessive amount of protein. Consider that there is roughly 22g of protein per 100g of meat, fish, seafood or poultry. So, if you times your body weight by 1.2, then divide the answer by 0.22 you will get the amount of meat, fish, seafood or poultry you should eat in grams.

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