Get your vitamin D levels up to scratch

Whats are you vitamin D levls? Nutritional therapist Steve Hines tells you why you need to get  your vitamin D level checked. Getting a simple and cheap blood test can protect you from cancer, osteoporosis, rickets, autoimmune diseases and muscle injuries.

Speak to your doctor as up to 90% of the population are deficient. If your doctor wont test it get it done yourself, you can order a home test kit from here. It is only £45, money well spent considering it can significantly improve your health. My only criticism of this company is that the norms are set too low. Ideally your blood vitamin D levels should be 80nmol/L (32ng/mL), anything less than this is deficient regardless of what language is used (sufficient, insufficient, deficient for e.g.).

Once you know your levels you can use a supplement of 1000-5000IU per day. You can order vitamin D from here. Call them and quote 3030003 as a reference to order.




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