Sunday roast leftovers


One of the jobs of a nutritional therapist is to make eating healthy food enjoyable,

but also helping to maximise their time spent in the kitchen and bringing in meals

on budget. One way to do this is on a Sunday by using the meat and veg that you

have cooked to make a delicious and quick evening meal or even for Monday’s lunch.


Here are 4 quick and easy suggestions nutritional therapist Steve Hines 

for Sunday roast left overs:


Chicken soup


Once you have cooked your roast chicken set aside a little bit of the meat that

normally doesn’t get eat, such as off the spine and shoulder blades, the wings and a

little breast meat. Then make a stock from the chicken carcass, put the bones in a

stock pan and half fill with water. Place on a low heat for 2-3 hours. Adding some

carrots, celery and onions to the stock is optional. After 2-3 hours decant the bones

and add some fresh vegetables such as pak choy, leeks, peppers, add salt and pepper

and some left over chicken meat. Cook off for 15-20 minutes until the veg is tender.

Put though a bender to make a delicious soup or eat it as it is for a chunky stew.


Left over pork


Place some left over new potatoes and fennel in a frying pan and heat through in

some organic butter and garlic. Add in the strips of left over pork until hot. Finish

with a garnish of grated apple, parsley, salt and pepper.


Moroccan lamb


Cook some quinoa. At the same time cook some chopped dried apricots with diced

onion, parsley and lemon juice, toast some almonds and mix it all together. Finally

add in some cold lamb and heat it through. Serve it topped with a spoon full of

yoghurt and chopped mint.


Roast beef salad


Simple toss together some salad leave out of a ready to eat mixed herb or rocket,

spinach and watercress salad (this really does take less than 30 seconds), throw in

some chopped salad veg like tomatoes, cucumber, olives, sun dried tomatoes,

beetroot etc… and throw on some strips of the roast beef. Mix a dressing of 3 parts

olive oil to 1 part mustard or horseradish and season. Pour over the salad and devour.

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