Toxicity testing part 1

DNA adducts test

A new blood test offered by a company based in Devon, called Acumen, measures what chemicals are stuck on your DNA (it’s called a DNA Adducts test) and costs just £95. A whole host of chemicals are able to stick to your DNA which changes the DNA’s structure and cause faulty DNA replication, faulty DNA repair, DNA mutations and possibly leads to the development of cancerous cells. DNA adducts can include organic chemicals and heavy metals such as lipid peroxides, halogenated phenols from antiseptics, halogenated benzenes from insecticides, fungal toxins, pesticides, timber preservatives, ant killer, solvents, plastics and plasticisers and resins from composite timbers as well as cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury.

This test has the potential to provide ground breaking information not only in cancer development but also in other areas of health and wellness. For example certain adducts could be activating or blocking various genes that can have a huge range of metabolic effects ranging from thyroid issues, weight management and many autoimmune diseases.

Once you know what is adducted to your DNA you can reduce your expose to that chemical, target the detoxification of that chemical to protect your DNA and retest to measure your progress.

This test would be indicated if:

  • You have ever had cancer or have a family history of cancer.
  • If you have ever smoked.
  • If you have been in contact with carcinogenic substances or environmental pollutants at work or at home (nail salons, dental mercury, paint fumes, industrial chemicals etc…).
  • If you want to identify factors that may be undermining your health.
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