The growing tide of oestrogen related problems

Since World War 2 there have been over 85,000 new synthetic chemicals that have been unleashed into our environment. Many of these man made chemicals came about as new purposes were found for the left over stock pile of industrial materials after the war. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) that get added back to our soil in the form of fertiliser were formed from the left over materials from explosives (don’t believe me? Well how do you think terrorists make bombs – with chemical fertilisers!). Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides were made from the left over materials of chemical weapon development. Not only have we seen a use for these left over materials of war ,we have also seen an array of chemical pollution as we have advanced our society. All manner of chemicals from pesticides to plastics to rocket fuel have been found deposited in the human fat cells, breast milk and umbilical cords of new born babies! Alarmingly many of these chemicals have never been tested for what they could do to human health.

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