The Devolution of the Human Race

As humans we evolved to dominate this planet through our intelligence, that intelligence was driven by the rapid expansion of our brains through nutrition, particularly from omega 3 fats (read good nutrition). However it seems we are in a very peculiar predicament, one where it seems we are starting to devolve, particularly in terms of intelligence for a large part of the human race. I say this as last week I came across two pieces of moronic idiocy that are beyond belief and one piece of corporate greed that smacks of the sentiment “I don’t care about your health as long as I make money”!

I was watching BBC breakfast earlier in the week when the presenter stated that scientists (i.e. complete fucking idiots) were suggesting that we should go back to the old age tradition of eating toast sandwiches, that’s right – two pieces of bread with a piece of toast as the filling! It was claimed that this provided us with protein and vitamins and minerals such as iron and only cost 7p per serving. Well there in lies one of the problems – our insatiable desire for cheap food. In my opinion after you have paid your tax and NI, paid your rent or mortgage and your travel expenses to go to work, food should be the next most important thing that you buy. Good quality food, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish. Organic if you can afford it. Food should not be behind nights out, alcohol, cigarettes, iphone, wi-fi and internet charges, Sky bill etc… on your list of priorities. But that is another argument for another time.

What these scientists (complete fucking idiots) don’t recognise is that eating that meal will not provide you with the protein your body needs (most vegetarians realise they need to mix grains with legumes to get a full spectrum of amino acids), there may be some vitamins and minerals that may contribute to puny RDA levels but no where near enough to promote good health, the bread is high GL which will play havoc with your blood sugar levels, there will be inadequate fibre for human dietary needs, there are no essential fats in bread and to top it off you will get a whacking great load of gluten that will damage your intestines and contribute to IBS, crohn’s, autoimmune problems and other ailments. I won’t be following their advice!

The next bit of idiocy that I saw was from the EU bureaucrats in Brussels who in their wisdom and after three years of investigation (probably at the cost of the tax payer) found no evidence to prove that drinking water prevented dehydration. Now companies are banned from claiming this on their products. Considering that we are made from 60-70% water do we really need to scientifically prove this? Whatever next, do we need to do scientific studies to prove we need oxygen as well?

The last thing I read was the story that the manufacturers of aspartame have changed the name of the product to aminosweet. It is also sold under names like NutraSweet and Canderel. It is found in over 6,000 foods including soft drinks, chewing gum, diet and diabetic foods and breakfast cereals. But there are now many adverse health effects such as neurological disorders, cancers and autoimmune disorders that may be linked to consuming aspartame. So it seems that re-branding and re-naming the product is more of a corporate charm offensive to ensure continue profits  and to hell with the people who consume it. I would urge you to read food labels and avoid the stuff in any of its forms.

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