London outdoor group personal training

London outdoor group personal training


Does the thought of outdoor group personal training appeal to you?

Many people going to the gym either find it boring or don’t get any results. Unless you hire a personal trainer which can be very expensive the chances are you won’t really know what to in the gym do to make your workouts fun and effective.

The other problem with joining a gym is the joining fees, expensive monthly payments, one year contracts and aggressive 3 month cancellation policy.  You see, when you join a gym you may be getting classes, the latest gym equipment, towels and soap in the showers, but that is it. You are paying to walk through the door and use the facilities – nothing more. If you want any further expertise such as a personal trainer then you have to pay more money, sometimes up to £50 an hour!

Nor do you get any nutrition advice (although many unqualified and unregulated personal trainers will claim that they provide nutrition advice), nor will you get any regular goal assessment and monitoring, motivation or accountability. You are basically left to your own devices to use the gym as the club’s sales team peruse the elusive targets of securing more sales and generating more members.

We also know for a fact that over 80% of gym members don’t get the result they’ve signed up for and the health club industry knows this too. What’s also astonishing is that 50% of a gym’s membership base is inactive at any one time! That means these people are paying for nothing. So it’s no wonder why people are leaving the gyms in droves and looking for better, more reliable and financially more viable options.

So what is the answer?  If you are looking for great workouts that produce results in a fun and sociable environment then outdoor group personal training might be for you.


Secrets that the gym goers don’t know

Manipulating hormones during exercise is one of the key elements to successful fat loss. Research has shown that doing resistance training, particularly when performed in a circuit as performed on an outdoor group personal training class, increases certain hormones such as testosterone, cortisol and growth hormone. The goal with this type of weight training circuit is to produce as much lactate as possible in the working muscles. When lactate builds up in your muscles you get that burning sensation as they quiver under the strain of hard exercise.

Lactate production is directly correlated to growth hormone production – so training hard to produce as much lactate as possible is a great way to burn fat. Here’s how it works. Lactate is an acid and as the lactate builds up in your muscles and blood your blood pH goes down (becoming more acidic). This causes your growth hormone production to go up. In the liver growth hormone is converted to a substance called insulin growth like factor 1 (IGF1) and this causes more fat to be burnt during exercise thus making you lose more body fat.

Blood lactate concentration is correlated to the amount and size of the muscles used during an exercise. Therefore using exercises that target a large group of muscles such as squats, kettle bell swings, walking lunges and many of the other exercises used in outdoor group personal training is much more effective for building up lactate than using an exercise that only uses a small amount of muscle mass such as wrist curls.

This type of resistance training is also much more effective than doing cardio for weight loss. Long slow cardio, like spending half an hour walking up hill on a treadmill (which may be effective for initial weight loss if you are extremely over weight, but that weight loss will soon plateau unless you change to another type of exercise) just taps in to your type 1 muscle fibres, these muscle fibres respond to this type of exercise by getting smaller and reducing androgen receptors. This also leaves your type 2 muscle fibres (that can be anything up to and above 50% of your muscle mass) completely unused. This is a disaster for weight loss! Imagine trying to fight a battle with only 50% of your army active – you are going to lose that battle. The same is true for weight loss.

Also consider this, go into any gym in the world and you will see most of the fat unfit people plodding along on the treadmill watching the TV of riding a bike whilst reading a magazine. If you can watch the TV or read whilst you are training you are wasting your time, you will not get any results, you do not belong in the gym and should go home and park your fat arse on your sofa and watch TV or read there!

What you need to do is resistance training as your primary form of exercise. Resistance exercise increases your muscle mass which will mean you burn more fat 24/7. It helps increase your bone mineral density. It improves your immune system. It improves your insulin sensitivity. And most importantly it helps you lose weight.

So if you want to weight loss results you should try the exercises in this video. Also consider joining an outdoor group personal training class such as that offered by PeakXVfitness. At a fraction of the price of gym membership and additional personal training we guarantee results.

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