Helping a couple have a successful pregnancy – case study part 3

Another month later, on our second consultation, PT reported feeling much better and that many of her problems had cleared up. She reported her IBS had gone, and she had no cramps or diarrhoea. She also had lost about half a stone, dropped a dress size and her energy levels were much better. She reported that her fertility consultant had put her on heparin and progesterone and she was going to attempt a further course of IVF. PT indicated she had been following the suggestions made to her and was eating a lot of vegetables and had cut coffee out.

PT had successfully controlled her blood sugar and insulin levels, so now I wanted to focus on the bowels and liver. About 60% of the immune system is located around the bowels and by cleaning up the bowels I felt that we could lessen the demand on her immune system and reduce the NK cell count. I suggested that we work though what Jeffrey Bland calls the 4 R’s – remove, replace, reinoculate and repair.

PT had successfully removed the offending foods from her diet and we had replaced HCL and digestive enzymes in her stomach. The next step was to initiate a dose of probiotics to rebalance the gut micro flora which I believe was out of balance due to taking antibiotics and to take a small dose of glutamine to help heal the gut lining.

The next piece of advice was centred on supporting the liver not only detoxify some of the drugs PT took, but also to improve oestrogen metabolism. PT was advised to eat more onions, leeks, garlic and broccoli in evening meals and to get more seeds and berries into her snacks. Finally I suggested that PT take BioCare adult multi vitamin and mineral.

After 3 months of following my nutrition plan PT attempted another course of IVF that lead to a successful pregnancy and the birth of baby Maya at 35 weeks. Both mother and baby are well.

PT says it best…
“I believe the success is totally down to the time and effort Steve invested in my problems and the plan he created. I would recommend a consult for anyone planning motherhood!”

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