The 7 Must Know Questions to Ask Any Fitness Company That Will Be the Difference Between Success and Failure in Your Quest For Fitness and Fat Loss.

3)    If there is a free trial, then how long is it?

Most companies offer the first outdoor boot camp session FREE, which is fine – it’s better than nothing.  However, what are you going to see in one session.

A lot of companies run multiple sessions with different instructors and varying numbers of participants.  Say you turn up on Tuesday in a group of 12 and the instructor ticks all the boxes so you sign up.  Then on Thursday, someone else runs the session and amongst another 24 people the session is a nightmare but you’ve already committed to a 6 week programme. 

I’d recommend looking for a company who not only regulates their instructor ratio but also gives you an extensive trial to properly identify any pitfalls.  Anything less than a one week complimentary trial then I would have serious reservations about joining that course.

OK, so we’ve checked out the instructors, the class ratio and had a great trial week.  How do I still know it’s going to work for me? One word – TESTIMONIALS.

4)    Is there a large selection of testimonials and success stories?

And more importantly, are they people like you?.  If you’re a 40 year old woman with two children then seeing pictures of buff, ripped 22 year old guys won’t fill you with much confidence.

Ask specifically to see pictures of people like you, or they should be viewable on the company’s website. If they have 10 or more outdoor fitness success stories of people just like you then the chances are it’s going to work well for you also.  Look for credible testimonials before committing your hard earned money to a course. 

Success leaves clues – look for them.

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