Sports physiotherapy London

Sports Physiotherapy London – it’s not just for the professional athletes. Whether you train in the gym, you are a weekend warrior or a more serious amateur athlete your physiotherapy needs are no different to that of the Olympian, Premier League football player or professional tri-athlete.

Sports physiotherapy plays an integral part in improving both sports performance and recovery at the elite level including sports such as:

  • Premier League Football
  • County Cricket
  • Premiership Rugby
  • Olympic track and field events
  • Rowing
  • Triathlon
  • Distance running
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Golf

Sports Physiotherapy London helps you:

  • Be confident you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan
  • See a rapid improvement in your symptoms
  • See a rapid decrease in your pain
  • Feel fitter and stronger and get back to your sports quicker
  • See an improvement in your sports performance

What can I expect from Sports Physiotherapy London?

Sports physiotherapy London







In your first session Steve will ask you all about why you are here to see him, what injury you have, how it happened, how long you have had it and what your goals are. He will carry out an assessment on your body looking at your posture, how you move, where you have functional restrictions and biomechanical imbalances and establish a diagnosis. Steve will then develop a treatment plan for you involving hands on treatment and prescribe exercises to get you back to your passion.

Sports physiotherapy plays a vital role in rehabilitation of injuries and providing pain relief following muscle, ligament, bone and joint injury. Acute sports injuries have been shown to respond well to prompt treatment by a sports physiotherapist. After the initial injury has began to settle down rehabilitation can begin.

One of the most common sports injuries is Achilles tendonopathy it is a debilitating condition and can be devastating for your preparation for a long distance running event and seriously hamper your performance. It can get so bad that you wake up in the morning with very stiff and painful Achilles tendons, it can be agony getting out of bed and going down stairs in the morning and there is no chance you will be able to put in that early 5k before work.

Soft tissue massage or “frictions” have long been used by sports physiotherapists and other manual therapists for many years often in combination with other treatments such as ultrasound in treating Achilles tendonopathy

Many patients suffering pain are advised to rest. This is sound advice during the acute stage of an injury, such as during the first few days after an injury. Any kind of prolonged rest or immobilisation after the first few days of an injury is detrimental to your recovery. However, the best sports medicine is exercise, in the case of Achilles tendon pain there are specific exercises to strengthen the tendon and get you back to your sporting passion.

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