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Peak XV Fitness holds regular outdoor workouts and is

considered the premier outfit for Women’s fitness in

Reading. The sessions take place in Christchurch

Meadows in Caversham in a beautiful setting down by

the river. The sessions are an hour long and are

attended by women in search of fitness from all over

the Reading and West Berkshire area. The intense

sessions are split into four sections each focusing on

different aspects of women’s fitness. Reading is not

well served by outdoor fitness providers and Peak

XV Fitness have only been operating their outdoor

Fitness Bootcamps for 18 months.


The first section of the Reading women’s workout

is the often overlooked dynamic flexibility. It is

often wrongly thought that slow static stretching is

good at the start of the workout but nothing could

be further from the truth. Research into women’s fitness

has consistently showed that static stretching pre

workout can often lead to muscle and tendon injury.

It is much more sensible to begin the workout with a

structured progressive dynamic warm up where the

movements expected in the workouts are replicated

at ever increasing intensity. This not only decreases

the likelihood of injury amongst participants but also

prepares the muscles, joints and nervous system for the

rigours of the session ahead.


The next section of the women’s fitness class is the

circuit training portion. The coaches at Peak XV Fitness

particularly focus on body weight exercises which are

great for sculpting the female body without adding bulk.


Functional exercises like squats, push ups, lunges and rows

are common and are often supplemented with band exercises

and kettle bell drills to maximise the calorie burn effect.


Next High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) running drills are

used by the instructors both to burn maximum fat but also to

improve the cardiovascular fitness of the ladies. Popular drills

include repeated 40 metre sprints with short rest periods. Ten

 minutes of this high intensity work is followed by a controlled

cool down and static stretch. This is the time to do the static

stretches, according to the team of coaches, where Reading

women’s fitness participants are encouraged to hold the

stretches for up to 30 seconds in order to restore muscle

length and alleviate some of the next day’s muscle soreness.


All members of the Reading women’s workout group also get

full nutritional support in the form of a monthly meal plan and

shopping list, courtesy of in house Nutritional Therapist Steve

Hines. Steve encourages the girls to eat regularly to keep their

energy up and to base their main meals around healthy protein sources

such as meat and fish and supplement this with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

He encourages them not to be fat phobic and to get healthy fats in the form of

 Omega 3 oils which are great for weight loss.


Anyone wishing to benefit from the expertise of the team

at Peak XV Fitness and is specifically looking for a women’s workout

 in Reading should go to and

request an information pack. They have several successstories on

their website that show the results that can beachieved with a little hard

work and dedication.

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