Reading Gym in the Park

As the summer approaches many people are searching for the opportunity to get outside into the fresh air and the new Gym in the Park sessions run by Peak XV Fitness as just what people are looking for. The sessions which are set down on the river in Caversham are attended by a hard core group of followers.


The workouts try and replicate all the benefits of a run of the mill gym with the appeal of the outdoors. Many of the group members love to exercise in the fresh air and greenery offered by the park environment. Reading Gym in the Park instructor and Peak XV Fitness Director, Chris Hines, says, “We’ve been running these park gym sessions here in Caversham for over a year now and they are very popular. Even in the middle of winter when it’s dark and cold lots of people want to get out into the fresh air and exercise.”


Hines goes on to say, “The summer is obviously the most popular time of year as the weather is generally at its best and people have holidays and weddings on their mind.”


The sessions consist of traditional boot camp style exercises like running and jumping drills along with body weight exercises. There is also an emphasis on flexibility and core exercises. Most of the people come to the sessions with weight loss in mind but enjoy all of the other health and fitness benefits that come with it.


A sample workout includes 10 minutes of dynamic stretching often done in small groups. This warms the body up and gets the specific muscle groups ready for the main exercises to be performed. Then there is a circuit training component which is where the instructor put the group through a series of kettle bell exercises, medicine ball exercises and body weight exercises such as push ups and sit ups.


After this the group are put through a series of running drills sometimes short sprints and other times medium length runs around the park. The sessions always finish with a cool down and stretch again often times in pairs to end the session. People really enjoy a gentle wind down on the grass after a hard workout and group members share their experiences and achievements in this section.


Peak XV Fitness are recruiting more willing participants to their Reading Gym in the Park sessions in Caversham and are offering anyone who is interested the chance to come in for a free two week trial to sample the workouts. Hines says, “Most of our members are outdoor types, who enjoy being social and are generally outgoing in nature. So we’re looking for more people like this who’ll interact well with the group.”


If you’re interested in taking them up on their offer of a free trial then you can contact Chris Hines directly on 07879 646969 or visit their website at


Don’t miss this great opportunity to get outdoors and get healthy this summer by joining Reading Gym in the Park down in Caversham.

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