Our Mission

Thanks for the kind comments about our blog and website, they are much appreciated. At PeakXV Fitness our mission is to provide you with, and be the number 1 rescource on the web for, the very best information on weight loss, nutrition, exercise and supplements. We want to help you reach your health and fitness goals, be it to drop a few pounds or a few stone, lose inches off your tummy and hips, pack on some muscle, make the best decisions about what supplements to take or to improve your energy levels. If you want to improve your health and fitness Peak XV Fitness are the people to help you.

We have some great resources already on our site for you, don’t forget to download the free report opposite. This has some great information on nutrition, supplements, CV training, weight training and how to motivate yourself to kick start your weight loss. By downloading the free report you’ll also receive our newsletter that comes out every 2 weeks. This has some great tips on health and fitness and a healthy recipe you can try. You can also follow us on on Facebook where we post topical information as well as nutrition and training tips on a daily basis.

For those of you who want that little bit extra you can now purchase our 6 week fat loss programme from the products page. We realised that to help as many people as possible we had to put our tried and tested system of weight loss, nutrition, supplements and training in to a downloadable document that you can work through at home over 6 weeks. This weight loss programme includes a chapter on how to set goals and how to stick to achieving them, a chapter on nutrition that guides you through healthy meals, snack and hydration strategies. There is a chapter on supplements and which ones to take to accelerate fat loss and finally there are 3 two week workouts with pictures and exercise descriptions so that you can go to the gym and start burning off that fat.

Watch out for our YouTube channel – coming soon! We are going to be posting lots of great exercises, workouts, clips on how to make quick and nutritious meals and snacks and much more. In the next couple of months our e-book “The Low Down On Supplements” will also be released so stay tuned.

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