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Peak XV Fitness are the leading provider of Health and Fitness in Caversham. Their boot camp sessions take place in Christchurch Meadows in Caversham. Health and Fitness is vitally important for all local people who want to live healthy and productive lives and the experts at Peak XV Fitness recommend their clients get a minimum of three hours of exercise a week. Chris Hines from Peak XV Fitness says many people don’t realise there are 168 hours in a week and taking into account people sleep for up to a third of that time, people can still find three hours from the remaining 120 hours to get some form of exercise.
Chris also goes onto say that is it not only the quantity of exercise that is important but also the quality. Science has conclusively proven that three hours of steady state exercise like jogging is not as beneficial as three hours of intense circuit or interval training like on a boot camp.

With steady state cardio training the body quickly adapts and learns to expend less and less calories per workout. That’s why high intensity training and interval sessions work so well as they shock the body into burning huge amounts of calories. Also these types of workouts leave clients with elevated metabolic rates for hours afterwards unlike steady state cardio where the metabolism returns to baseline levels very quickly.

At his Caversham Fitness Boot camp clients are put through a series of body weight exercises, circuit sessions and sprint drills. Hines says that every session is different. This has physical as well as mental benefits. While it keeps the muscles challenged with varying workouts it also keeps the clients guessing so they never get bored. One of the reasons people give up an exercise programme is that they become bored with it. It’s important to spice things up and keep the workouts varied.

The Caversham Health and Fitness sessions take place in Christchurch Meadows in all weathers and the results speak for themselves. Caversham Fitness Boot Camp has dozens of success stories with people losing up to two stone in less than eight weeks. It caters to local ladies who’ve tried other fitness providers in Caversham only to be left disappointed with inferior results. Peak XV Fitness guarantees to deliver results or they give you your money back. Simply follow their guidance and they guarantee you’ll get the results you’re after.

As a local resident Chris is concerned about the health and fitness of Caversham residents and wants to get as many people involved in exercise. With the increasing amount of obesity and physical activity levels declining it is vitally important people increase their activity levels. If you’re interested in trying out Peak XV Fitness’s Fitness in Caversham boot camp call Chris on 07879 646969 to book your free guest week. You can attend any of the four weekly sessions that they run. Places are strictly limited so act quickly to book your place at Caversham Bootcamp.

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