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Operating out of South Park Fulham PeakXVfitness Fulham bootcamps offer a lovely scenic location amongst the tennis players, cricket pitches and Aussie rules players in Fulham. Our Bootcamp in Fulham is run by Nic Blyth – a strength and conditioning undergrad and by Lulu Pecritia – a personal trainer from Portugal. These guys offer great workouts every time.

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Each workout consists of a dynamic flexibility warm up, drills designed by experts who have worked at the highest levels in professional sports. These drills are designed to get your body temperature up, get your muscle warm and your blood pumping. They are also designed to minimise the chances of you tweaking a muscle or spraining a ligament during the workout – disastrous to your weight loss efforts.

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Once you have warmed up Nic or Lulu will put you through your paces with fat loss circuits using medicine balls and kettle bells for instance, and interval training running drills designed to maximise fat loss. Neither of these guys will shout and scream at you, just encourage you through these demanding but fun workouts. Once you have finished the workout there is a 5-10 minute cool down designed to bring your heart rate down and stretch those muscle you have just blasted.

Come along for a free week’s trial with Nic or Lulu at our PeakXVfitness Fulham bootcamp in South Park (Woolneigh Street entrance) to see if we can help you get in shape, Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm and Sunday 10-11am.

PeakXVfitness Fulham Bootcamp attendees prepare for their High Intensity Interval Training in Fulham South Park.
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