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In the heart of nappy valley a group of women whose aim it is to be slimmer, healthier and fitter have taken on the challenge of Balham PeakXVfitness outdoor fitness boot camp. Over the past few months 100’s of pounds of fat have been melted away on the hard court of Chestnut Grove School by this hardy bunch in the sunshine, wind and rain.

Just imagine how you would feel with 10-14 pound less body fat sat on you, imagine how you would look in that LBD or in that Bikini on holiday. Well, this is the reality for many of the Balham PeakXVfitness outdoor fitness boot camp participants.

Testimonial 1

“In my four months working with Balham PeakXVfitness outdoor fitness boot camp I have lost 12 pounds and several inches from my waist. I was really pleased with my results as I was pretty new to exercise and would highly recommend the Bootcamp to anyone who wants to lose weight and tone up who has struggled in the past.”

Joanna, Balham ReCentre patient

But it takes dedication and hard work to look that good. Ask any of the ladies – they train hard and frequently. But the beauty is that they all workout at their own level of intensity without anyone barking and shouting orders at them. Plus training in a group is great for accountability and motivation. It’s so much easier to train hard when you are being supported through a tough workout by others.


Testimonial 2

“We were both very sceptical about joining a group workout programme but after a couple of weeks we grew to love the atmosphere at the sessions and really thrived on the challenge. Everyone is really friendly and the instructors give everyone bags of encouragement. We’d really encourage anyone in two minds to come down and give it a go – we’re so glad we did!”

Charlotte and Claire, Balham ReCentre patients

The beauty of a private School yard is that there is no need to be self conscious of exercising in public (beyond your fellow campers). Nor do the campers get covered in mud or have to dodge the dog pooh that they might come across on one of the surrounding commons. The workouts are hard but fun. Here is a sample workout that you might do…


A1. Band squat 10-20 reps

A2. Band biceps curl10-20 reps

A3. Band bent over row 10-20 reps

A4. Band lateral raise 10-20 reps

Rest 60-90 seconds between circuits and repeat the circuit for 4-6 times for a good workout.

Beyond the private small group training the ladies also get added value of constant monitoring. Each lady has their body fat analysed and BMI charted. This is a great way to monitor progress and guarantee results. The body fat machine doesn’t lie. And the ladies also get sound nutritional advice designed by an expert nutritionist in the form of a pdf document with a weight loss diet and supplements advice to follow.

Beyond the obvious hard workouts these added extras have proven to be highly valued and have contributed to the success that the Balham PeakXVfitness outdoor fitness boot camp goers have gained. 

Don’t miss out on your own stunning weight loss results, take action today and take advantage of our 1 week free trial. Just think, in a month’s time you could be slightly older and a couple of pounds heavier, or you could be a month in to your new workout regimen, fitter, leaner, healthier and feeling a lot better about yourself.

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