New Websites Launched

Our brand new websites have just been put up online. We have designed and built websites for our other businesses and just wanted to share with you.

Steve wants to share more specific nutrition information and will do so from his new website at sports nutritionist london On this website along with details of his services Steve will be sharing the specific nutritional protocols he uses with his private clients. He’ll show case studies and make specific supplement recommendations. You’ll get to see how Steve diagnoses different nutritional issues and read his specific strategies for overcoming them.

Over at my new website which can be found at city personal trainer I will highlighting articles on my blog which deal with many of the aspects of Personal Training that I feel will be of interest to readers. I’ll be looking at exercise protocols that I use with my corporate clients to get them in great shape. I’ll also be discussing some of the injury rehabilitation techniques I use with my clients as well as some of my own nutrition tips and healthy menus.

We invite you to check out our new sites and the Facebook Fanpages that accompany them.


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