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A Week in the Life of Boot Camp Fitness Classes in Caversham


This blog post will follow the week in the life of a member of our boot camp fitness classes in Caversham. Our clients typically train 2-3 times per week but this post will be based on all four of our sessions that are available. The sessions are based outdoors in Christchurch Meadows and each class generally comprises of 12 people. Let’s take a look….


We start the week off with a big calorie burn session as many of our members will have indulged over the weekend and even if they’ve made it into boot camp over the weekend they generally start the week a few pounds heavier. So after a sound flexibility based warm up we focus on a high volume of exercises to effect maximum calorie burning. We generally start with a circuit session lasting 15 minutes which includes whole body exercises like medicine ball squats, kettle bell swings, push ups and boxing.

The second half of the session is focused on interval running drills to really fire up the metabolism. This comprises a number of shuttle sprints coupled with brief rest periods and repeated several times. This is normally done to exhaustion and the session closes with a good stretch out to relieve some of the muscle soreness that will inevitably arrive the next day.


On this second evening session of our boot camp fitness classes in Caversham we focus more on aerobic fitness and include more running drills in the warm up to increase the aerobic demands. The next section is another circuit workout but this time we focus on body weight exercises for a longer periods of time – up to 60 seconds per station. The final section of the session is generally a running drill and in this session we do some longer running drills – 200 metre repeat runs with less than a minute recovery. This really tests the participant’s cardiovascular system and is very demanding. As with every session we always stretch out to finish for the last 10 minutes.


As this is an early morning session and it is often cold we take extra care to get everyone properly warmed up. We use repetitive flexibility drills that ensure every muscle is properly prepared for the session ahead. This morning’s session starts with some running and body weight drills to elevate the metabolism before we do some strength and conditioning work in the second half of the session. We use the resistance equipment like dumb bells, bands, kettle bells, body blades and medicine balls to overload the major muscles of the body to encourage strength development and maximal fat burning.


During this final workout of the week when people may be tired from a full week of the hardest Reading Boot Camps we try not to overload the clients too heavy on a Sunday. We use an extensive dynamic warm up which also incorporates some fast footwork and speed ladder drills along with some simple plyometric work. We move to some gentle running drills and complete the session with some pad work for boxing. We again focus on speed and fast hand drills during the boxing so we don’t overload the clients at the end of a hard week of training. The final stretch of the week is very comprehensive, focusing on long slow holds in an attempt to return the muscle length back to pre-session levels.


How Do I Join the Fitness Classes in Caversham?


Our boot camp fitness classes in Caversham running every week of the year and are geared to all fitness levels. If you’d like to come in and try out a week as our guests then call us today on 07879 646969 or visit our website at Places are strictly limited to ensure we maintain the quality of coaching to all of our current members. Contact us today if you want to get into the best shape of your life.

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