The little book of nutrition tips – Healthy Digestion

The saying goes you are what you eat; well you are what you can digest, absorb and assimilate. Digestion is extremely important. It is popular to blame food intolerances for poor digestion, and this may be the case in some people, however it may be just as likely that there is a bacterial infection, low stomach acid and digestive enzymes or poor gut micro flora that is contributing to poor digestion. Respected nutritionist Jeffrey Bland came up with the axiom of the 4 R’s when trying to improve digestion.

R – Remove food sensitivities, parasites, fungus and bad bacteria.

R – Replace nutrients needed for digestion.

R – Re inoculate the bowel with friendly bacteria.

R – Repair the gut with important nutrients.

Always start by removing things from your diet and lifestyle that may be irritating the gut. Trying to heal the gut or take probiotcs will otherwise be useless. Remove common food intolerances such as wheat, dairy, soy or eggs if necessary. If you think you are sensitive to a food or several foods, remove them from your diet for 2 weeks. If your symptoms improve you may have a food intolerance, if your symptoms do not improve it could be something else that is affecting your digestion.

Something else that may need to be removed from the gut is parasites and bad bacteria. To test for and remove parasites, fungus and bacteria is beyond the scope of this article. However there are good foods, supplements and herbs that help to kill parasites, bad bacteria and fungus. It is always best to have a stool test done and establish which agents kill the parasites, bad bacteria or fungus you might be infected with, otherwise you may be shooting in the dark. Genova Diagnostics produce a good array of stool tests for parasite infection.

Stress is another major disruption for digestion. Stomach acid secretion is reduced considerably and it draws blood and energy away from the bowels and diverts it to the brain and muscles to either run away or fight. Stress comes in many forms – food intolerances, alcohol, financial stress, relationship stress, mental emotional stress, poor blood sugar regulation etc, so learning what is stressing you and how to manage those stressors is imperative.

Once you have removed all things that are damaging the GI tract it’s time to start replacing things needed for healthy digestion. One of the most important things you can do is to test your stomach acid levels and support your stomach with HCL supplements. I explain in my book exactly how to do this. Other things that need to be replaced are digestive enzymes, water, fibre and foods that help to stimulate bile secretions.

Only after you have removed and replaced should you entertain re-inoculating the bowel with healthy bacteria and use foods and nutrients that repair the gut.

To find out how to remove wheat and dairy, what foods they are found in, what brands and alternative wheat and dairy free products you can eat; to find out how to kill bad bacteria, fungus and parasites; to find out what foods, supplements and lifestyle practices best manage your stress and to find out how to properly repair the gut Steve Hines Little book of nutrition tips is now available at

or watch Steve talk about the book on YouTube here

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Seven Ways for Women Not to Lose Weight

weight lossIn this article we are going to look for 7 sure fire ways for women not to lose weight. Some of them will be obvious and some of them will be contentious but I ‘ll ask you to reserve judgement until you’ve read the whole of the article.

Let’s dive in. The surest way over the long term to keep weight on is to count calories or starve yourself. The whole diet industry is based on starvation and deprivation diets from the pure silly to the downright dangerous. The body has built in protective mechanisms to protect against starvation and any weight lost through these methods is very rarely fat mass – it is usually lean muscle, bone and water. All of these tissues are metabolically active (ie they burn calories!) so reducing them is just dumb! Water loss and particularly bone loss can be very dangerous in a female and this should be avoided at all costs.

The second best way for you ladies to hold onto those pounds is not to move. Although vigorous exercise is best even climbing stairs, gardening, walking to the shops or sex!  can burn calories if you do them enough. Make regular exercise a part of your weekly routine and throw in some of the above activities and your total calories burned will rise dramatically.

Next. Another great way for you to lose the battle of the bulge is to not get enough protein. Many of the ladies I consult with are massively protein deficient (particularly if they’re vegetarian or vegan). Eating protein speeds up your metabolism and helps release the hormone glucagon from the pancreas which is a fat burning hormone. If you eat small amounts of protein, especially meat and fish, your pancreas only spits out miniscule amounts of this vital fat burning hormone so I encourage you to up your protein intake if you want to lose those pounds.

Number four on the list of the top seven ways to stay fat is fat phobia – I know it sounds like a paradox but you must eat good fats to lose weight and then eliminate the bad fats. Saturated fats which were once labelled bad fats are now recognised to be necessary in small amounts, particularly if sourced from organic animals. The real villains are the trans fats (or hydrogenated fats) – these are the chemically altered compounds which are often used to add flavour to foods and extend shelf life and are very damaging to not only your waist line but also your cardiovascular health.

The best fats for fat loss and therefore generally the most ignored are the Essential Fatty Acids, commonly called Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s. These hugely important little fats are highly anti-inflammatory and through other chemical means allow your body to burn more fat for energy.

Being chronically dehydrated, as most people are, is another sure fire way to hold onto those pounds. Not only does it mean you don’t digest food very well but it also means you’ll become constipated allowing many of the toxins in your body to be reabsorbed back into the blood causing liver overload which ultimately leads to you holding onto excess body fat.

We’re nearly there now. Item number six on the list for staying fat is to eat refined carbohydrates as though they’re health foods. Grains, pasta, rice are all fine for triathletes and marathon runners who do vast amounts of exercise but for the average 50 kilo female all it does is cause your body to produce more insulin than normal which will instantly add inches to your waistline.

The final nail in the coffin for fat loss is not getting enough fibre. As a population our fibre intake has dropped dramatically in the last century. This is partly lifestyle determined but it’s mainly due to convenience. Most people eat packaged convenience food that is devoid of fibre (and vitamins and minerals) in return for convenience and speed. Fibre slows down the absorption of food which means you feel fuller for longer – it’s also vitally important for bowel health and protection against a number of cancers!

We’ve covered a lot here and I know you may be going away with more answers than questions but I would suggest if weight loss is a goal for you then try to avoid the seven behaviours I outlined above for a minimum of four weeks.  Then I’m certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised not only by the good news on the scales but also with a reduced butt size, increased energy and a better outlook on life.

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The Devolution of the Human Race

As humans we evolved to dominate this planet through our intelligence, that intelligence was driven by the rapid expansion of our brains through nutrition, particularly from omega 3 fats (read good nutrition). However it seems we are in a very peculiar predicament, one where it seems we are starting to devolve, particularly in terms of intelligence for a large part of the human race. I say this as last week I came across two pieces of moronic idiocy that are beyond belief and one piece of corporate greed that smacks of the sentiment “I don’t care about your health as long as I make money”!

I was watching BBC breakfast earlier in the week when the presenter stated that scientists (i.e. complete fucking idiots) were suggesting that we should go back to the old age tradition of eating toast sandwiches, that’s right – two pieces of bread with a piece of toast as the filling! It was claimed that this provided us with protein and vitamins and minerals such as iron and only cost 7p per serving. Well there in lies one of the problems – our insatiable desire for cheap food. In my opinion after you have paid your tax and NI, paid your rent or mortgage and your travel expenses to go to work, food should be the next most important thing that you buy. Good quality food, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish. Organic if you can afford it. Food should not be behind nights out, alcohol, cigarettes, iphone, wi-fi and internet charges, Sky bill etc… on your list of priorities. But that is another argument for another time.

What these scientists (complete fucking idiots) don’t recognise is that eating that meal will not provide you with the protein your body needs (most vegetarians realise they need to mix grains with legumes to get a full spectrum of amino acids), there may be some vitamins and minerals that may contribute to puny RDA levels but no where near enough to promote good health, the bread is high GL which will play havoc with your blood sugar levels, there will be inadequate fibre for human dietary needs, there are no essential fats in bread and to top it off you will get a whacking great load of gluten that will damage your intestines and contribute to IBS, crohn’s, autoimmune problems and other ailments. I won’t be following their advice!

The next bit of idiocy that I saw was from the EU bureaucrats in Brussels who in their wisdom and after three years of investigation (probably at the cost of the tax payer) found no evidence to prove that drinking water prevented dehydration. Now companies are banned from claiming this on their products. Considering that we are made from 60-70% water do we really need to scientifically prove this? Whatever next, do we need to do scientific studies to prove we need oxygen as well?

The last thing I read was the story that the manufacturers of aspartame have changed the name of the product to aminosweet. It is also sold under names like NutraSweet and Canderel. It is found in over 6,000 foods including soft drinks, chewing gum, diet and diabetic foods and breakfast cereals. But there are now many adverse health effects such as neurological disorders, cancers and autoimmune disorders that may be linked to consuming aspartame. So it seems that re-branding and re-naming the product is more of a corporate charm offensive to ensure continue profits  and to hell with the people who consume it. I would urge you to read food labels and avoid the stuff in any of its forms.

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The little book of nutrition tips – Weight loss

The little book of nutrition tips

The nation is getting fatter, just look around you. How many overweight people are you surrounded by? Being overweight increases your risk of heart attack, cancer and diabetes. I don’t know about you, but I want to reduce my risk of getting these diseases. Losing weight will be a big step toward reducing your risk.

Beyond the cosmetic reasons to losing weight, there are numerous health reasons.

Fat cells act as an endocrine organ that cause all sorts of things to happen in your body, the fatter you are, the worse these reactions are:

  • Fat cells release PAI-1 that promotes angiogenesis, arthrogenesis and thrombosis (new blood vessel growth seen in cancers, thinning arteries and blood clots).


  • Fat cells release adiponectin that decreases gluconeogenisis (the conversion of to protein to glucose), and increases glucose uptake. Excess adiponectin production is associated with insulin resistance and obesity.


  • Fat cells release adipsin that increases the uptake of fatty acids, increases triglyceride synthesis and transports glucose into fat cells turning it to fat.


  • Fat cells release renin and angiotensin, both of which increase vascular tone and increase blood pressure.


  • Fat cells release inflammatory cytokines TNF alpha, IL-6 and resistin that promote inflammation.


  • Fat cells release molecules that control hunger such as leptin. Leptin tells your brain you are full, but too much leptin in circulation can lead to leptin resistance.


  • Fat cells convert testosterone to oestrogen. This is not good if you are a man, one of the side effects is you start asking your girlfriend if your butt looks big in your jeans!


In my book “The little book of nutrition tips” I outline 10 tips for weight management and discuss 10 foods that have fat burning potential. I will share some of these tips with you now…

  • Never go on a calorie controlled diet. This affects your metabolism and puts you into a state of starvation. When you come off the diet you will store fat and energy in case your body thinks it will starve again in the future.


  • Don’t be scared of eating healthy fats, they won’t make you fat. They will actually make you lose fat by improving insulin sensitivity and controlling chemicals in the brain that control appetite.


  • Exercise daily. Exercise burns calories, builds muscle and increases your metabolism. For every kilo of muscle you add to your body you burn an extra 100 calories at rest.


3 of my top 10 fat burning foods include…

  • Hot chilli peppers contain nutrients that help increase metabolism.


  • Tea of any colour, especially green tea has been shown to increase fat loss.


  • Tahini – sesame seed lignans enhance fat burning by increasing liver enzymes that breakdown fats.


To find out more about weight loss Steve Hines Little book of nutrition tips now is available at or watch Steve talk about the book on YouTube here

This would make a great Christmas present for someone you love.

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